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I am Damian Wojciech Dudała.

In my everyday life I work in Foundation Institute of Research and Local Development (Fundacja Instytut Badań i Rozwoju Lokalnego – FIBiRL), which I have funded. FIBiRL is a social company, which is working, for example, on research-developmental projects for Small and Medium companies sector. Our financial gain is directed towards realization of our statute goals. Apart from work, I am trying to gain my doctorate, write, teach students and taking part in scholar life. My research and practice interests include social inclusion, participation, local society, education and vocational counselling and philosophy of dialogue. I am also an urban activist, founder and coordinator of the WrObywatel Initiative.

Life is a journey… Numerous travels and living abroad for a time, are inseparable part of my life. My adventure has started in 2002, with a trip to Great Britain, as a carer of a group of visually impaired teenagers from Poland. Next, there was Spanish Palma de Mallorca, Murcia and Santiago de Compostela and then I lived few months in Niniikoski, Finland, Bradford, Great Britain, Reykjavik, Iceland or Tallinn, Estonia. During 10 years time, I’ve visited almost whole Europe, from Iceland’s Blue Lagoon, through the Balkans, to Turkish capital city – Ankara. From Tampere lakes in Finland, to Almeria, located over Mediterranean Sea. I yet have to visit Italy, Liechtenstein and Monaco.

I have stopped counting airports and collecting boarding cards. Definitely, travels expand horizons, they expanded and shaped me and that’s beautiful. As Ryszard Kapuściński wrote: „We do not really know what draws a human being out into the world. Is it curiosity? A hunger for experience? An addiction to wonderment? The man who ceases to be astonished is hollow, possessed of an extinguished heart. If he believes that everything has already happened, that he has seen it all, then something most precious has died within him—the delight in life.”

In my free time – I’m exploring secrets of cooking and I’m trekking in the mountains. I can’t imagine life without cooking and mountains. Cooking? It has started in my childhood, from sitting in grandma’s kitchen. Now, since some time, Julia Child is my role model (I highly recommend „Cooking with Julia Child”), alumni of Le Cordon Bleu, who changed American cooking for good. I have opened modest group, called Friend Kitchen, in Wrocław. And what can I say, I’m as happy as aclam.

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