INCLUSION – Breaking the Barriers of Social & Physical Disadvantages Through Voluntary Service


March 2006, Sofia, Bulgaria

Global aim:
Enhance the role of mobility in promoting the participation and inclusion of young people.

Establish partnerships between the organisations from the EU, and Pre-Accession Countries, that will trigger new volunteer exchange projects, enhancing the young peoples’ mobility and promoting their participation and inclusion in the development of civil society.

Another important objective is the improved quality of the volunteer placements and the generating of new methodologies and approaches to better quality projects, both at national and international level.

Sofia, Bulgaria – 2006

Sofia, Bulgaria – 2006

The specific objectives of the seminar are to:
Enable direct and personal contact between organisations serving or wanting to serve as hosting and sending organisations for long-term voluntary service,
Raise participants’ awareness of the expectations and the needs of prospective partners and volunteers,
Offer optional training on specific issues related to the implementation of EVS projects,
Facilitate discussions on future cooperation strategies to open up more opportunities for transnational long-term voluntary service.

The seminar is targeted at organisations that want to participate in the exchange of long-term volunteers (6-12 month placements). It is open to sending organisations, volunteer hosting placements and coordinating organisations (those involved in placing several volunteers in different local projects). Both organisations with experience and those with no experience can participate.

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