Interview with Roslyn Robinson


Deaf and hard of hearing students at Bradford College in Great Britain – interview with Roslyn Robinson (by Damian Dudala during Socrates Erasmus Programme)

November 19, 2006

Damian Dudala: When and how did start working with Deaf students at Bradford College?

Roslyn Robinson: I started working at Bradford College in September 2003. I am the first Learning Support Tutor (LST) who is Deaf. Before I came to the College, I worked as a technician for Yorkshire Water and then I became a Deaf tutor in Leeds.

Damian: How many Deaf students study at Bradford College and University?

Roslyn: In Bradford College (FE), there are 22 Deaf students. In the University (HE), there are 4 Deaf Students.

Damian: How do you support and help them? What do you offer them?

Roslyn: My role is to ensure that all the Deaf students have equal access within the college. We do this by using Communication Support Workers (CSW). I am also responsible for organising the CSWs and making sure they are happy at work. We also have note takers who work with some students. I am always there for the Deaf students and meet them every week for tutorials.

Westbrook Building

Damian: Do you collaborate with Deaf Association Bradford or other institution/organisation for Deaf people in Bradford? Please describe it.

Roslyn: We are in contact with the local schools whose students come to Bradford College. We also have links with Morley Street Resource Centre.

Damian: How do you help your graduates (students who has completed a courses)?

Roslyn: One the students have finished their course, I can advise them of other course available if they want to stay in education or I explain the other options, such as work.

Damian: What do you think about anti-discrimination rights/laws and Disability Discrimination Act? Can you give any examples?

Roslyn: I feel the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) is a good thing, however some people are still not aware of the issues. For example, people think that if they shout, a Deaf person will hear them!! I think it is about making sure all people are aware of how to communicate effectively with Deaf people and also how to make sure the education they receive is the same as a hearing person.

Damian: What do you want to say more?

Roslyn: Recently, I have had a Personal Communication Assistant come to work with me. Her name is Lucy Smith and her job was made possible through Access To Work. This means that Lucy acts as my interpreter and I am therefore able to do my job without worrying about communication issues.

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