Equality Required – working with young people for equality


Equality Required – working with young people for equality

31 March – 6 April 2008, EYC Budapest, Hungary

The general aim of the study session is to develop educational approaches and plan youth actions at local and European level, which aim at working for and promoting equality in Europe. This aim is reflected in the following specific objectives:
  • to analyse the roots and consequences of discrimination young people face in Europe nowadays,
  • to revise and analyse the current situation of minority young people in Europe,
  • to explore the concept of equality and equal opportunities in the context of young people’s everyday lives
  • to further discuss social rights and look at the ways they can be promoted and protected,
  • to develop educational tools useful in tackling the issue of equality in youth work and training,
  • to plan and guarantee a strong and visible follow-up to the European year of Equal Opportunities for all and All different – All equal youth campaign,
  • to initiate and plan HREYN Campaign for Equality,
  • to plan further action to be taken on local and European level with young people on equality.
Team of project „Disability Discrimination”: Hasmik Smbatyan (Armenia), Sasho Kochankovski (Macedonia), Damian Dudala (Poland).
Campaign for Equality
One of the objectives of the study session is to initiate the Campaign for Equality and plan the strategy on how the campaign can be organised by the network on local, regional, national and European levels. This will need a lot of preparations and, what is of utmost importance, the clear recognition of the needs of different organisations involved in the campaign. This can be done by the analysis of actual problems and challenges to equality that exist in Europe nowadays. Therefore, we would like you to prepare an analysis that would cover:
1. The problems and challenges with equal opportunities of people representing different groups in your country.
2. The groups that require special protection in your community and country, and their situation (legal, social, etc.).
3. Existing legislation on guaranteeing equal opportunities for all and how it is implemented (or not implemented).
4. Existing support structures for different minority groups (NGOs, governmental structures).
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Budapest, Hungary - March/April 2008

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